Woodstock Schools – Jen Thomson, Real Estate Broker, Oxford County – Woodstock’s finest homes, just a click away!

Woodstock Schools Jen Thomson Real Estate Broker Oxford County

Woodstock Schools – Jen Thomson, Real Estate Broker, Oxford County – Woodstock’s finest homes, just a click away!

Woodstock, ON is home to various academic institutions, including private and public schools. There are also college universities in the area. Each Woodstock academy has pros and cons, so choosing the right one for your child cannot be easy. The following article will cover the schools available in Woodstock, Ontario, and what you need to consider when deciding on where to buy a house in Woodstock.

How Does The Learning System Work In Canada?

There are four school types based on the website of the district school board in Ontario: English Public, English Catholic, French Public, or French Catholic schools.

Public Schools

A public or state school falls into three stages: primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Private Schools

A private or independent school also accepts middle and high schools. Attending these schools generally means paying tuition as they do not receive government funding. These schools may focus on religion, culture, language, or specific approaches to teaching.


The educational responsibility is undertaken directly by families, outside of formally-organized academic institutions.” In other words, the student’s family are the ones who provide for the learning of their child without sending them to publicly-funded or private schools.

How Do You Choose The Right School In Woodstock?

Your child’s education will last a lifetime. Choosing which option is right for them can often be challenging. Understanding the important factors and comparing schools can make the process easier. But what exactly should you consider? Here are some factors you should use to decide.

  1. Qualified Teachers and Management
  2. Curriculum
  3. School Qualifications
  4. Culture and Core Values
  5. Transportation Time
  6. Helpful Extracurricular Activities
  7. Safety and Security

Which Are The Top Schools In Woodstock, Ontario?

Woodstock, ON is the Southwestern county seat of Oxford County, Ontario. Thousands of people flock to this region every year to explore farming and look at the many historical buildings and shops.

Elementary and secondary schools fall under three school boards:

  • Thames Valley District School Board
  • English Language Separate District School Board
  • French Language Separate District School Board

Woodstock, Ontario, offers several high-quality elementary, secondary, college, and vocational and technical institutions within and just outside the city. Here are some of the reputable public and private schools in the area:

Public Elementary Schools

Central Public School

Central Public School is an excellent institution for student-teacher ratios, and plenty of programs are available if those interest you.

Oliver Stephens

This Woodstock school strives to create a supportive and safe school climate for its students. It is also popular for its excellent student-teacher ratio.

Roch Carrier French Immersion

The single-story facility houses grades 1 to 8 in twelve interiors and twelve portable classrooms.

Southside Public School

Parents and teachers collaborate to cultivate a caring environment that allows students to thrive and participate positively in their communities.

Winchester Public School

A diverse school with excellent, dedicated and supportive staff. They teach their students to become active and productive members of society.

Catholic Elementary Schools

Holy Family French Immersion

Initially constructed in 1901, this school served as a two-classroom school to meet the primary school needs of the then-present Catholic community. Most of their students are Canadian-born, with English as their first language.

Michael’s Catholic School

St. Michael’s approach focuses on all aspects of the students’ growth- intellectual, moral, physical, social, spiritual, and psychological.

Other Schools

  • College Avenue
  • Millpond Academy
  • École Secondaire Notre Dame
  • Huron Park
  • St. Mary’s Catholic High School
  • Woodstock Collegiate Institute
  • University Of Oxford
  • East Cherokee Christian Schools


Overall, Woodstock, ON N4S’ educational organizations are highly rated and provide a fun learning environment for youth. Those contemplating moving to the area can rest assured that your children will receive a top-notch education.

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