Valentine’s Dinner To Go Please! – Discover the allure of Midland, Ontario, with our enticing properties crafted for your dreams.

Valentines Dinner To Go Please Discover the allure of

Valentine’s Dinner To Go Please! – Discover the allure of Midland, Ontario, with our enticing properties crafted for your dreams.

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In lieu of ongoing Covid 19 restrictions, many local restaurants are offering take out options this year. Why not plan a romantic evening at home complete with fine dining or their favorite meal! We’ve gathered a list of some of the local hotspots where you can order dinner or sit down for dinner with that special someone this year.

The Arch Steakhouse

771 Yonge St Midland, ON L4R 2E1

Since 1974, The Arch Steakhouse has provided high-quality food and services to Georgian Bay locals and tourists. It is a family steak and seafood restaurant located in beautiful Midland, Ontario. The dividing line between dream and reality can sometimes be blurred to nothing with the right mix of talent and inventiveness. They have a passion for great, well-presented food and always make sure to provide a dish that makes our customers remember their dining experience for a long time. Now offering take-out Wed-Sun 4pm-8pm

Call 705-526-7313

Lily’s Italian Eatery

264 King Street, Midland

With over 3 decades in the industry, this family-owned restaurant offers an outstanding dining experience. Lilly’s Italian Eatery combines an Italian-inspired menu with a casually sophisticated setting along Midland’s historic King St. With everything prepared in-house, their talented Chefs work to fuse both traditional & contemporary approaches to cuisine. Menu offers a selection of courses that range from rustic comfort food to modern dishes inspired from different parts of the world. Call 705-245-0909

Explorer’s Cafe

345 King Street Midland, ON L4R 3M7

The Explorers Cafe is a celebration of exploration in all its forms – geographic, scientific, musical, artistic and culinary. We pay tribute every day to those who went before, and through their inspiration, broaden our collective experience. The Take Home Menu is made public approximately 48 hours before the pick-up day, i.e. Monday for a Wednesday pick-up, Thursday for a Saturday pick-up. Place your order by email only (, and wait for confirmation before paying.

Queen’s Quay British Pub & Retaurant

67 Juneau Rd, Victoria Harbour, ON L0K 2A0

Situated in Victoria Harbour on Beautiful Georgian Bay aside Queen’s Cove Marina, the Queen’s Quay British Pub and Restaurant offers authentic British and Canadian Food as well as a wide variety of import and craft beers. Now offering take-out Wed-Mon 12pm-7pm.

Call 705-534-1211

Dillon’s Food Fired Pizza

244 King St, Midland, ON L4R 3M3

A true Authentico Wood Fired Pizza Restaurant. The dough, tomatoes and cheese are all sourced from Italy, never frozen, always fresh. Dillon’s Wood Fired Pizza opened on May 4, 2016, and Ricky has never looked back! Always aiming to make his guest’s dining experience a memorable one, he has created an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, food that is unique and delicious, and teammates that are like-minded and passionate about what they do.

Call 705-245-1006


9225 County Road 93, #12b, Midland, ON L4R 4K4

Mediterranean food is rapidly becoming mainstream as a healthy worldwide fast food phenomenon, with winning trademarked upscale design, operations, atmosphere, and strict food-service / health standards, Sammouna was born.

Modernized, refined, and bringing Canada’s freshest, cleanest, new contemporary Fast Casual concept, while maintaining all the recipes, attention to detail, style, cozy charm, flavour, and Middle Eastern / Mediterranean flair that have made this experience so delicious for centuries. Our staff undergo Covid training and practice mask wearing and social distancing allowing you to enjoy the same fresh food taste & great service that you have come to expect from Sammouna.

Call 705-245-0399

Maple Canadian Pub

282 King St, Midland, ON L4R 3M6

Marco Ormonde is an award-winning chef that just loves food, creating new dishes using fresh, local ingredients and recipes that draw on both old and new-world traditions. The first Maple Canadian Pub opened in the heart of downtown Midland. After being so well received by the community for his creativity and fresh food, he proudly announced two new locations in 2020, with the support of Maple Leaf’s Marina – Maple at Wye Heritage Marina and Maple at South Bay Cove, Port Severn were opened. The North Restaurant and Maple Canadian Pub are a big family with the main goal of offering to their guests the best experiences with a touch of modern creativity at the North or the simplicity of good Canadian Tradition at the Pubs. Call 705-526-3000

Phil’s Pub & Eatery

519 Hugel Avenue, Midland, ON L4R 1V8 ~ 48 Main Street Penetang, ON L9M 1T2

Phil’s Pub & Eatery is an establishment located in Midland, Ontario. Phil is also the proud owner of Phil’s Casual Dining in Penetanguishene. Enjoy Great Food, Weekly Drink and Food Specials and Live Music all week in the heart of Downtown Midland. Phil’s Fact: throughout these uncertain times Phil’s has offered and continues to offer a discounted frontline workers menu. It has lots of tasty options for are hardworking frontline workers! Available for delivery or pickup with proof of identification. Call 705-526-3003

The Boathouse Eatery

177 King St, Midland, ON L4R 3L9
The owners’ Kirk, Taylor and all of the other fantastic staff members are pleased to welcome you to the one and only Boathouse Eatery. Located at the foot of King Street, at Midland’s beautiful harbourfront. Their casual dining restaurant is home to great food, cold drinks and the largest waterside patio in Ontario, giving a majestic view of the stunning Georgian Bay. Their goal is to become your favourite four-season restaurant, the place you can come to celebrate your special occasions, grab an amazing quick lunch, or enjoy an excellent dinner overlooking beautiful Georgian Bay. Call 705-527-7480

Coldwater Grillhouse & Wine Bar

12738 County Rd 16 Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0

At Coldwater Grill House, the idea was very simple… provide a comfortable and unique place to escape from the stress of the day. A family place for fun with a casual dining experience. Coldwater Grill has a compliment of chefs each specializing in delightful dishes from a different part of the world including some North American favorites. Coldwater Grill has quickly become a hotspot for special occassions, business meetings, and family fun. Call 705-619-4554

Georgian Shore Catering

555 Bay St, Midland, ON L4R 1L4

Georgian Shores Catering is a full service catering company with two locations; in Midland and Orangeville. They are dedicated to providing outstanding service and remarkable food to residents and guests from Georgian Bay to Toronto. Whether it’s for a corporate function, private party or wedding they offer a wide variety of menu options, which can be customized to your fullest enjoyment. Their walk-in food shop is NOW OPEN so you can take Georgian Shores Catering home with you and pretend you’ve been cooking all day! Call 705-527-0129

Tesoro Restaurant

18 School House Ln, Collingwood, ON L9Y 4H5

Tesoro was established in 2003 & is continually voted Collingwood’s favourite Italian Restaurant. Tesoro Mercato is located beside the restaurant & offers frozen entrees, Italian deli meats & cheeses, gluten free & vegan entrees, giftware & much more! Call 705-444-9230

Northwinds Brewery

180 Jozo Weider Blvd, Blue Mountains & 499 First St, Collingwood

Northwinds Craft Brewery, Restaurant & Beer Store is Open Daily with two locations – Collingwood and Blue Mountain Village. For those with adventurous tastes, join them for a beer-inspired local menu and grain to glass delicious craft beers that are incredible! Northwinds Brewpubs produce real beer and food. The menu and beverage options are carefully designed to wake up your taste buds. Globally inspired offerings in an informal setting, where you can see the chefs and brewers work their magic. Call (705) 445-2666

Curry & Cocktails

1470 Mosley St, Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 2C2.

Welcome to Wasaga’s Curry & Cocktail, FINE INDIAN CUISINE Restaurant in Wasaga Beach. They provide a choice of Indian dishes, whether you are a meatatarian or vegetarian. They are proud to serve authentic Indian cuisine made from only the freshest ingredients and finest spices. Each dish has its own exotic taste and fragrance. They are also proud to be able to cater to most allergies so let the staff know at the time of ordering. Call 705-352-8988

Barcelos Steak House

22 Sunnidale Rd, Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 2S8

Founded over ten years ago, Barcelos is owned by the chef, Nelison, who is a well-known cook for his signature dishes and unique flavours among the local community. Steak, seafood, Portuguese cuisine, in house aged Angus beef only, butchered to your liking. Exotic Appetizers, mouthwatering desserts. Imported beer and wine. VIVA!!! Call (705) 429-3685

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