TRESA – What information can a seller disclose about an offer? | ELEVATE Real Estate Team – Discover Sarnia: Your Gateway to Ontario Living by the Beautiful Bluewater.

TRESA What information can a seller disclose about an

TRESA – What information can a seller disclose about an offer? | ELEVATE Real Estate Team – Discover Sarnia: Your Gateway to Ontario Living by the Beautiful Bluewater.

In an open offer situation, various details of your offer can be shared with all other potential buyers. This includes information like the price you’re willing to pay, the proposed closing date, any items you want included in the sale, and any conditions you’ve set. It’s like everyone putting their cards on the table, so to speak. However, it’s important to note that certain personal details, like your name and address, cannot be disclosed to all the other buyers. This ensures your privacy is protected in a multiple-offer scenario. The idea is to share enough information for transparency but maintain confidentiality when it comes to your personal identity.

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TRESA – What information can a seller disclose about an offer? | ELEVATE Real Estate Team – Real estate sales in Sarnia

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