Town Council Meeting-Amy’s Notes – Grand Valley Ontario – Explore the charm of Orangeville with our enticing real estate listings.

Town Council Meeting Amys Notes Grand Valley Ontario

Town Council Meeting-Amy’s Notes – Grand Valley Ontario – Explore the charm of Orangeville with our enticing real estate listings.

Before we get into the notes I just wanted to make a point of clarification as I would like to avoid miscommunication and information being taken out of context.

The notes below are my interpretation of what I hear at the meetings for the time I am present and they include matters which I think the public will want to be aware of.

These notes are not fully inclusive of all items on the agenda and are not verbatim notes. If you have questions or want clarification about anything I have noted I would definitely recommend reading the official agenda first provided below as well as reading the official meeting minutes when they are available.

My intent for these posts is to keep the community informed regarding what is happening in town as I know it can be difficult to attend meetings and read through all of the agenda’s and minutes.

Oct 10th, 2023

Click here for agenda


-Hugh Handy, Vice President, GSP Group, Agent for Thomasfield Homes. Regarding Agenda items 9.4.2, 9.4.3 and 9.4.4- Page 119& 120 and 200 on Agenda Council discussed Parkland, Planner noted that the school board has reached out regarding intention for potential school in Phase 4 (not this current phase, the next one).

-Dylan McDougall, President and Amie Zukowski, Secretary/Treasurer, Grand Valley Minor Hockey Page 23 of Agenda. GVMH asked for support from Council to attend and support (room/ice rental waivers/fee reduction) one of the biggest fundraisers for the association is Hockey Day in Grand Valley. Council Discussed and put a motion forward to direct the association to apply for a fee waiver for room rentals as well as 60% donation towards ice rental. Burnside Engineering firm representative Chris Knechtel added that they would cover the remaining 40% to cover the ice rental.

– Chris Knechtel, RJ Burnside – 2023 Bridge Inspection Report –Page 54 on Agenda

Unfinished Business

Town Hall – October 23, 2023 – Planning Discussion-Draft plan on page 100 of the agenda. Deputy Mayor wants to make it clear that input will be taken but council has already decided on big ticket items for the foreseeable future and unless taxes are going to be increased new items will not be considered.

Staff Reports

CAO Update

CAO/Clerk-Treasurer- Page 102 on Agenda–

Report – CAO/Clerk-Treasurer Update
Public Works

-Was not in attendance but update report available on page 110 on agenda

Planing Update

Update Report Page 112 on agenda

Official Plan- Firm from Guelph JL Richards will be leading the project. They will be coming to council to formally kick the project off in the future.

End of my notes as I had to leave the meeting at this point.

Disclaimer- These are my personal notes from the meeting. The purpose of these notes is to give an update on what is happening around the Town of Grand Valley. If you would like to view the official agenda and minutes you can find that here.

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Town Council Meeting-Amy’s Notes – Grand Valley Ontario – Real estate sales in Orangeville

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