The Twelve Days of Kids Christmas – Elevate Your Home in Milton and Make Your Dreams Come True!

The Twelve Days of Kids Christmas Day 2

The Twelve Days of Kids Christmas – Elevate Your Home in Milton and Make Your Dreams Come True!

Christmas 2020

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December can just get SO crazy so fast and before you know it, the month will be gone. 

But if you’re like me, enjoying those special moments and activities with family is what MAKES the season so special. Especially those small holiday moments the kids love so much!

So if all you want for Christmas is some time to relax with your family – we’ve got just what you need this year.


nd the BEST part — you can do these activities ANYTIME in December — before or AFTER Christmas! 

Day 1


Everybody loves Candy Canes!  They are fun to eat, but we can also have lots of fun making Candy Cane decorations!  We found these two Candy Cane decorations on

Paper Candy Canes

  – so much fun to make and hang on your tree!  You will need paper and some markers – make them red and green or go crazy and make them as colourful as you’d like! 

easy paper candy canes with paper and markers

How about these fun

Tissue Paper Candy Canes

for our younger friends?  These would look great on the tree, or maybe add them on top of a gift to make your gift wrapping extra special!

img 03771

And here is our


We searched for our favourite Candy Cane Craft, and we just love this little guy!  Check out this adorable little fellow; he would be the perfect addition to your Christmas tree!


et the full instructions here: 

How to Make Candy Cane Reindeer


DSC 9104

Maybe Mom & Dad don’t have time for crafting today?  Why not get out your crayons and colouring pencils and decorate these delicious Candy Canes!  How many colours will you use??

Candy Cane Colouring Sheet



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The Twelve Days of Kids Christmas – Real estate sales in Milton
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