Staying in Touch – September 2023 – Discover your perfect home in picturesque Kanata, where dreams come true!

Staying in Touch September 2023 Discover your perfect

Staying in Touch – September 2023 – Discover your perfect home in picturesque Kanata, where dreams come true!

Staying in Touch – September Newsletter

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Happy September & Fall!

Summer is almost over and as many families head back to school, we are preparing for the Fall market and harvesting of our gardens!Untitled 323 × 323 px 1

We look forward to a successful Fall market. Buyers are still looking for special properties, and it doesn’t always happen in the popular closing times. We have even sold a home on Christmas Eve.  We can help you with both new build and resale homes. Keep in mind that with the supply chain issues and lack of trades, builders’ closing dates can be longer, so if you like new, start your planning early, we can help you get familiar with different options. The resale market has much to offer and with more flexible closing dates.

Hockey is back! Once again we are pleased to support the Kanata Blazers, the U15AA team this year, and are looking forward to their continued success. The weather has been a challenge in some areas and our hearts go out to those close to the wildfires. Click here to donate to the Red Cross relief efforts.

When owning a home you don’t want to have five years go by without checking in on your “investment” and seeing how it’s doing for you. It’s important to regularly ask questions like:

• “Is our home still meeting our needs?”
• “What is the current market value of our property?”
• “Does our property and neighbourhood still fit well with the lifestyle we want?”
• “What kind of new home do we qualify for?”

Getting answers to those questions is crucial to managing what may be your most valuable investment: your home. I recommend a review every three years. And, the good news is, you don’t need to go through this process on your own. We can help. When it’s time to review your property investment, give us a call. We will give you the answers and advice you need using the latest market data and information.

This month we’ve included:

  • Update on the Ottawa market and Mortgage information on maximizing your mortgage payments and owning your home sooner
  • Articles: “Checklist for Selling your Home this Fall”, “When Looking for a Specific Property” and “The Benefits of Buying a Home in a Mature Neighbourhood or in a New Community!”
  • Market news and Upcoming community events including local markets, festivals and fairs.

We are always grateful for your referrals of family and friends. Feel free to contact us with any questions and follow us on our social channels!

Enjoy September!


Joan, Victoria & Luc

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Staying in Touch – September 2023 – Real estate sales in Kanata

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