Simplistic September – Hope Britton – Explore the beauty of Salmon Arm, BC, and find your perfect home today.

Simplistic September Hope Britton Explore the beauty of

Simplistic September – Hope Britton – Explore the beauty of Salmon Arm, BC, and find your perfect home today.


The Fall Season is upon us!

Cooler nights, warm cozy sweaters and here comes the Pumpkin Spice Season!

Are you running to Starbucks yet?

Some things are inevitable .. but, let’s start looking around the house too.

I thought I would share a few things on my honey-do-list and:)


Cleaning out and organizing the pantry
Deep cleaning and organizing the bathroom(s) .. it’s time

Inspect the tub and the sink for clogs and debris and unclog as needed .. need caulking?
Cleaning those faucets and shower heads to remove potential mineral deposits and mold

If you have a water softener and add salt if needed, get an extra bag Inspecting all aspects of wood burning fireplace / clean the flue Vacuuming heat and air conditioning vents / need new filters for the furnace?

Wash those curtains or better yet, buy a new set with a vibrant colour Vacuum the entire house (move furniture to get all the dust from underneath) Might find the lost remote

Inspecting your backyard and clean up debris

Take a walk around your house and yard .. check for signs of deterioration or loose debris (peeling paint, loose siding, cracks)
Clean the screen/sliding door Check caulking around windows and doors for air and water leaks Seed the lawn
Inspect fireplace and chimney dampers, clean if necessary Check basement or crawl spaces for leaks or moisture
Have humidifier, furnace and (heat recovery ventilator) HRV serviced
Clean and test clothes dryer vent Check and reset ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Newer and newly renovated homes need less maintenance than older homes, but you should still give the home the best possible care and attention.

Don’t forget the RV! Winterize after final use of the Season .. hook up an air compressor and blow water out of the lines .. some campers put anti-freeze in the lines for Winter Storage.

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Simplistic September – Hope Britton – Real estate sales in Salmon Arm

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