Shared acomadations/roomate | Short Term Rentals | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton

Shared acomadationsroomate Short Term Rentals Moncton Real

Shared acomadations/roomate | Short Term Rentals | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton

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Country house
Very peaceful small town bouctouche NB (30 min from Moncton )
Owner looking for short term roommate
3 bedroom home
(1 main floor 2 upstairs wirh loft )
Jacuzzi bathroom and stand up shower
Large kitchen with all gadgets
Large living room
Large decks (2)
You must be a pet and animal person as there hobby farm with chickens and horses and alpaca
Pet dogs and cats in home ❤️
I prefer someone with no pets as I have enough here already to walk and cuddle
Rent includes weekly 200 or monthly 600
You get your own bedroom and launge area
Prime tv
Trails to walk
Horses to brush
Fresh eggs and homemade bread I love to cook
2 fire pits
Bike to use
Very close to ocean and Also close to many beaches and beautiful places to visit
Mini mall with all amenities needed
Local seafood restaurants and a tim hortons close by
It’s a animal loving place looking for a kind and helpful person
Share some of house work and would love little help on farm
Also grow own veggies
It’s a great place to stay till you get to your next destination short term rental weekly or 2 month max
Owner is professional landlord and runs few air b&bs motivated and early riser she non smoker and not a party person very calm and relaxing homestead ‍♀️‍

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Shared acomadations/roomate | Short Term Rentals | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton

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Shared acomadations/roomate | Short Term Rentals | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton
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