Selling Your Home? The Advantages of the Mayer Harman Team – Explore the charm of Orangeville with our enticing real estate listings.

Selling Your Home The Advantages of the Mayer Harman Team

Selling Your Home? The Advantages of the Mayer Harman Team – Explore the charm of Orangeville with our enticing real estate listings.

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How we are using cutting-edge real estate technology to help sell your home

Technology is Changing the Real Estate Industry

There has been a dramatic shift in the real estate industry and how things are done as technology becomes part of our daily lives. Property management, communications with clients and other professionals, and marketing have all benefited from the innovations in real estate tech. It saves everyone time, money, and resources, making the process easier for our clients!

So what makes us different? Well, some essential tools are now standard in real estate. For example, digital photography, online listings, and paperless communications are all expected when interacting with an agent. However, here at the Mayer-Harman team, we work hard to use leading-edge real estate tools to provide you, our client, with a seamless experience and ensure that you are getting the best offers on your home.

Technology Before You List

Professional Drone Photography and Videography

We employ talented photographers, whose expertise and professionalism always produce a quality product. Using unique techniques to get the perfect shots of your home, you can be confident that we will be able to present your home in its best light.

Pre-Home Inspection

We think you must know what’s happening with your home before listing it. To do that, we highly recommend a pre-home inspection. The companies we use utilize thermal imaging to make sure that you are aware of any potential issues ahead of time. This non-invasive technology can help the inspector detect problems such as electrical and water damage. It will also tell you where you might be experiencing heat loss or where there is poor insulation. All of this information is important to have before you list.

3D Virtual Tour & 3D Floor Plan

Buyers want to get to know a house before they spend the time to go through it. That’s why we produce a high-quality digital walk-through of your home that allows potential buyers to see what your home looks like and lets them get the feel of your home. They can click through each floor of your home while looking around 360′.


This 3D virtual tour also comes with a 3D floor plan that allows the seller to see the layout of your house and use it to navigate through the walk-through by selecting whichever room they want to see.


We ensure that potential buyers see just enough to make them want to come and see your home for themselves!

Marketing Your Home

Graphic Design & Marketing Materials

We spend a great deal of time and effort on ensuring that your home’s marketing materials are high-quality. In addition, we work with graphic designers to put together print materials and social media campaigns.


For each home, we create a video that showcases your home and the community you live in, which we know is vital to potential buyers. In addition, we create a dedicated website for your house, which includes all of the materials we have put together to make your home stand out!

Artificial Intelligence & Geographic Marketing

We run targeted ad campaigns to ensure the right people see what your home offers. For example, potential buyers searching for homes in your area whose price range matches your sale price or whose features list matches your home’s features will see our ads for your home.


These ads run on Google and Facebook, ensuring that many people will see them and help increase the traffic to your home’s website or listing. And, as with anything else on the internet, traffic equals sales!

Behind the Scenes

Customer Relationship Management

Our relationships with our customers are important to us. This is more than just a business arrangement. You become part of the Mayer-Harman Team family when you buy or sell with us! We genuinely care about you long after our business is complete.


We are all busy people, and our brains can only hold so much information! Of course, we would love to be able to remember every person’s birthday and house anniversary, but that is not our superpower. So, we have invested in software that helps us out. It reminds us of birthdays and anniversaries, so we can reach out and help you celebrate!

Looking Forward

We are always on the prowl for innovative real estate technology that can help us make your experience easier. Real estate technology is growing and changing every day. There are so many avenues to explore, and we’re game!

Stay Tuned

Check back for our next blog: Selling Your Home? The Advantages of the Mayer-Harman Team – Part 3: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

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Selling Your Home? The Advantages of the Mayer Harman Team – Real estate sales in Orangeville

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