Saskatoon Real Estate Market Update – November, 2023 – Realtor in Saskatoon – Discover your perfect home in vibrant Saskatoon!

Saskatoon Real Estate Market Update – April 2023 Realtor

Saskatoon Real Estate Market Update – November, 2023 – Realtor in Saskatoon – Discover your perfect home in vibrant Saskatoon!

Here’s the Saskatoon Real Estate Market Update – November, 2023: There were 1,006 sales reported across the province in November, a 10 per cent year-over-year increase, marking the fifth consecutive month of year-over-year sales increases in Saskatchewan. Much of the monthly sales gains were driven by rising activity in the Regina and Saskatoon Regions. As seen in previous months, year-to-date sales remain well above long-term, 10-year trends, as the province continues to report strong sales.

A slight year-over-year increase in new listings was not enough to offset above-average November sales, causing further retractions in inventory levels, specifically in homes priced below $400,000. Inventory levels decreased by over 16 per cent on a year-over-year basis and remain over 30 per cent below long-term, 10-year averages.

“Saskatchewan’s housing market continues to benefit from a strong economy, record employment and population growth,” said Association CEO, Chris Guérette. “These factors, when paired with our relative affordability, continue to support above-average monthly sales and stable demand in home ownership.”

The months of supply rose above five months in November, slightly higher than levels reported earlier this year, but still over 40 per cent below the 10-year average. Despite a slight gain in the months of supply compared to October, nearly all of the growth was in higher-priced products, as the more affordable segment of the market continues to face significant inventory challenges.

In line with typical seasonal factors, Saskatchewan reported a slight decrease in the benchmark price of $324,400 in November, down from $327,300 in October and up nearly 2 per cent from November 2022.

“Our market continues to outperform many regions across the country, as we once again report strong sales levels and prices that are holding relatively steady,” said Guérette. “Where we are similar to other markets, however, is that we are experiencing persistent inventory challenges, specifically in the more affordable segment of our housing continuum.”

The City of Saskatoon reported 314 sales in November, a year-over-year increase of 18 per cent and nearly 10 per cent above the 10-year average.

Despite a slight year-over-year gain in new listings, strong November sales prevented significant supply growth, as inventory levels were nearly 50 per cent below long-term trends.

Tight market conditions continue to support price growth, as the City of Saskatoon reported a benchmark price of $380,000 in November, down from $382,700 in October but over 5 per cent higher than November 2022.

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Saskatoon Real Estate Market Update – November, 2023 – Realtor in Saskatoon – Real estate sales in Saskatoon

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