Sales associate of the year awarded to Kelowna realtor, Anne Wolfe: Century 21 Canada – Montreal’s Real Estate Extravaganza!

Sales associate of the year awarded to Kelowna realtor Anne

Sales associate of the year awarded to Kelowna realtor, Anne Wolfe: Century 21 Canada – Montreal’s Real Estate Extravaganza!

Of 12,000+ hardworking CENTURY 21 Canada realtors, Anne Wolfe of Kelowna, British Columbia’s CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd. was named 2023 Sales Associate of the Year.

She was recently given the award by CENTURY 21 Canada president and CEO, Martin Charlwood, at the annual OneC21 conference in Calgary.

Wolfe, who recently surpassed 20 years with the company, was picked from a candidate shortlist of five, based on an open nomination call from the company’s agents and brokers. Criteria included industry success, ties to the community, tech tool and program engagement, and representation of the brand’s “Gold Standard” of client excellence.

CENTURY 21 Assurance broker Anna Carbone commended Wolfe on several fronts, including her commitment to the brand, participation in community initiatives and enthusiastic support for Easter Seals, CENTURY 21 Canada’s national charitable partner. Carbone also noted Wolfe’s 10-year CENTURION® status, the highest honour given to those in CENTURY 21 Canada’s system.

“Anne is just well-rounded,” says Carbone. “I believe she exemplifies all the traits of a successful agent while also maintaining a good work-life balance.”

Wolfe gave credit to the support and stability her brokerage and the brand provided for her success:

“I am incredibly grateful to have received the C21 Sales Associate of the Year award. Having been actively selling with the C21 banner for over 20 years, it speaks to the integrity and strength of the organization, as well as its ability to pivot and grow with the changing times. Both the support of my local Kelowna office and my CENTURY 21 family as a whole are a huge part of my success in real estate!”

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Sales associate of the year awarded to Kelowna realtor, Anne Wolfe: Century 21 Canada – Real estate sales in Montreal

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