Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen – Your dream home awaits in Abbotsford’s picturesque embrace!

Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen

Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen – Your dream home awaits in Abbotsford’s picturesque embrace!

Whether you just purchased a home that needs some work, or you have been in your house for a while, updating your kitchen to have a fresh and modern look is the best way to increase your property value and make your home show better. This can often be an expensive task, but it doesn’t always have to be! There are a number of quick, easy and inexpensive ways to update your kitchen without depleting your entire bank account.

Paint Your Cabinets

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Painting your cabinets is a quick and easy way to give your kitchen a completely new look. Be sure to buy cabinet specific paint, so that it is durable enough to withstand daily use. It is also always best to choose a neutral tone paint colour, as it is less likely to become outdated quickly. Neutral tones are also best for resale as they are appealing to the largest number of buyers.

We recently used the Behr Premium Cabinet and Door paint in Shadow Mountain colour, which you can purchase at Home Depot.

Cabinet Hardware

Another easy way to spruce up your kitchen is to update your kitchen cabinet hardware. It’s important to make sure the new hardware lines up with the existing holes in the cabinets, which can be tricky.

Our favourite affordable hardware picks are from Amazon. Check out these matte black cabinet pulls and matching black overlay cabinet hinges.

Back Splash

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Adding or updating your kitchen backsplash is a great way to make your kitchen look new. Buying tiles, grout and then hiring a professional tiler can, however, be an expensive project. If this is not in the budget, consider a durable peel and stick backsplash.

We previously used Subway 3D wall panels from Amazon. These work great on smooth surfaces. These 12″ x 12″ sheets are peel and stick, and do not require grouting. Your local hardware store such as Rona and Lowes should have a variety of peel and stick back splashes to choose from.

Add Shelves

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If there is space in your kitchen, adding floating shelves can help change the look of your kitchen while also adding additional storage space. They are a great place to display cute dishes, plants or decorative pieces, but be sure to not overload them. There is nothing worse than a cluttered kitchen!

Both, Ikea Canada and Wayfair Canada have a large selection of floating shelves to choose from based on the style you are going for.


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Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen - Your dream home awaits in Abbotsford's picturesque embrace! 6

Switching your kitchen faucet out for a newer, more modern looking, one can make a big impact in the space. We recommend going with a faucet colour that matches your cabinet hardware. Our top picks are the Crue™ by Kohler and the Nio motion control faucet by Moen.

Light Fixtures

There is nothing worse than a dark, unlit kitchen. Replacing your old and outdated ceiling lights and kitchen island pendant light will not only make a huge design statement, but will make your kitchen feel more welcoming. When updating your light fixtures, remember to also replace your old light bulbs for LED 60-100 watt ones.

We hope this quick and easy list inspires you to spruce up your kitchen this winter season. If you are considering doing upgrades in order to increase your home value, prior to selling you home, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to guide you!

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Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Kitchen – Real estate sales in Abbotsford
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