Private room for rent | Room Rentals & Roommates | Kitchener / Waterloo – Unlock Your Dream Home in Kitchener!

Private room for rent Room Rentals Roommates

Private room for rent | Room Rentals & Roommates | Kitchener / Waterloo – Unlock Your Dream Home in Kitchener!

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Room for rent in a basement apartment of a triplex at river and frederick street in kitchener.

Women only! Looking for either a student or a singer woman who is quiet and keeps to themselves and keeps tidy.

Room is large 10 feet x 12 feet with decent sized closet, large window and new wood floors. Right next to a shared bathroom. Shared kitchen. No parking. Lots of bus stops infront of house. Some extra storage available in the garage if needed. Laundry available but takes 2 loonies per load. Free shared wifi.

$795 a month, all inclusive. First and last required and we can discuss how long you want to stay. Move in date: anytime!

Me: 34 year old girl with a fat orange cat, Snuffaluffagus. Fairly quiet. Super chill.

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Private room for rent | Room Rentals & Roommates | Kitchener / Waterloo – Real estate sales in Kitchener

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