Monthly Real Estate Market Update June 2023 – Sell your property in beautiful Bradford, Ontario. Fulfill your dreams of the perfect home today!

Monthly Real Estate Market Update June 2023 Sell your

Monthly Real Estate Market Update June 2023 – Sell your property in beautiful Bradford, Ontario. Fulfill your dreams of the perfect home today!

Monthly Real Estate Market Update June 2023

June 2023 vs. June 2022. Hey everyone! Welcome back and thanks for tuning in for another round of Matt’s Stats! Looking at our year-over-year graphs for June 2023 vs. 2022, you’ll see we’re down in all of these communities in transactions and price.

Midland went up by 5.6%, Orillia went up by 44.4%, Barrie went up by 27%, New Tecumseth was up by 4.25% , Bradford was down by 22.2%, Georgina was up by 12.9%,  Newmarket was steady and Toronto went up by 8% in volume of transactions vs June 2022.June 2023 MapJune 2023 - Property Stats YOY

So, when looking at June vs. May 2023, you’ll see that all communities are down in volume of units sold. And,  most of these communities were down in average price except Barrie, New Tecumseth, and Georgia.

June 2023 - MOM Stats

Toronto Listing vs. Sales & Average Sale Price

june23Newmarket Listing vs. Sales & Average Sale Price


Bradford Listing vs. Sales & Average Sale Price


Barrie Listing vs. Sales & Average Sale Price


Orillia Listing vs. Sales & Average Sale Price


Midland Listing vs. Sales & Average Sale Price


New Tecumseth Listing vs. Sales & Average Sale Price


Georgina Listing vs. Sales & Average Sale Price


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Monthly Real Estate Market Update June 2023 – Real estate sales in Bradford

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