Meet Your New Home Matchmaker, Kelsea! – Discover your dream home in Cochrane, Alberta!

Meet Your New Home Matchmaker Kelsea Discover your dream

Meet Your New Home Matchmaker, Kelsea! – Discover your dream home in Cochrane, Alberta!

The online world provides us with a place to access this information in an approachable and convenient way. This is no different when it comes to arguably the biggest purchase an individual will make: a home.

Buying a home can be an overwhelming and stressful process for several reasons, one of which is the sheer number of options to pick from – especially when it comes to new builds. For many, it is less intimidating to start your home search by gathering information online, browsing options, and ultimately trying to determine what you want so that you feel prepared to make a decision. 

Simplifying the Journey 

Like most businesses, we provide information and resources online, but if you are new to the process of building or buying a new construction home it can be daunting to sift through on your own. This is where the job of an Online Sales Specialist (OSS) comes in, and at Sterling Homes, that’s me – Kelsea Redoble.  

Backed by industry experience, and over 5 years with Sterling – I am here to simplify your homebuying journey. Think of me as your New Home Matchmaker, someone who can help you focus your home search and point you in the right direction of the community and model that will be the right fit for you. Through our various platforms (email, Instagram, online chat) you can ask questions about our communities, lots, quick possessions, purchasing process, and the best chocolate chip cookie recipe…kidding about that last one – but you get the point! 

Visit our website, Instagram, or email me at to get started on building your life with Sterling Homes. 

Meet Your New Home Matchmaker, Kelsea! – Real estate sales in Cochrane

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