LONDON HOUSE FOR RENT: 4 Beds 1.5 Baths for Sept 15 (White Oaks) | Long Term Rentals | London – Discover Your Oasis in London, Ontario!

LONDON HOUSE FOR RENT 4 Beds 15 Baths for Sept

LONDON HOUSE FOR RENT: 4 Beds 1.5 Baths for Sept 15 (White Oaks) | Long Term Rentals | London – Discover Your Oasis in London, Ontario!

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A beautiful and spacious 4 bedroom and 1.5 bath bungalow home available in White Oaks for rent starting AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Main Intersection: Exeter Road and White Oak Road

Serious inquiries only.

Features Include:
– 3 spacious bedrooms with large closets
– 1 large bathroom with storage closets
– 1 bedroom located in the basement
– 1 powder room
– 2 large living rooms (1 located on main floor and 1 in basement)
– Stainless steel appliances for the kitchen
– Separate laundry (washer and dryer)
– 2 parking spots
– Full house, basement is included (partially finished)

Rent: Please contact. Rent does not include Utilities (Electricity, Gas and Water & Tank Rental).

– Minimum 1-year contract
– Prefer students or working professionals
– No smoking and no pets
– Documents needed: ID, employment letter, credit report and references

House is nearby to many amenities, including:
– White Oaks Mall (3 mins)
– Fanshawe South Campus (4 mins)
– Victoria Hospital (8 mins)
– Highway 401 (4 mins)
– Costco (6 mins)
– Food Basics (2 mins)
– FreshCo (9 mins)
– Western University (18 mins)
– Public transit with bus stop just steps away from the house
– Public and catholic schools nearby
– Grocery stores, banks, restaurants

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LONDON HOUSE FOR RENT: 4 Beds 1.5 Baths for Sept 15 (White Oaks) | Long Term Rentals | London – Real estate sales in London

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