Investor Class Recording – May 2023 – Explore the charm of Georgetown, Ontario and list your property for sale on our website!

Investor Class Recording May 2023 Explore the charm

Investor Class Recording – May 2023 – Explore the charm of Georgetown, Ontario and list your property for sale on our website!

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This is the latest version of our popular First-Time Investor Class, recorded in May 2023.

Our intention with this class is to give newer investors a chance to learn the “rules of the game” and to set a strong foundation for future success.

The first part is about your “Inner Game”, which includes your beliefs about investing, the different choices available, and how to THINK like an Investor.  We will also cover the biggest mistakes we see people making, and why you may NOT want to invest.

The second part is about the mechanics of investing — understanding the numbers, the language investors use — and we’ll show you actual real-life examples of options.  One of the core concepts of what we teach is called the “Rule of 1/2”, which is a simple screening tool.

At the end, we’ll talk about assembling your “A-Team” and some final thoughts to be successful.

Then there’s some question & answer… then right before we wrap up, I’ll share more about my own personal reasons why I chose to invest in real estate, and my own experiences are shared throughout the class.

The best way to enjoy this class is to come in-person to our office in Milton, Ontario, or to attend a virtual class.

The schedule for the next few classes can be found here.

Additional Resources:

Here’s the cash flow vs. rent spreadsheet, and here’s the property analysis worksheet that I use.  You can’t edit those versions, but if you go up to FILE > MAKE A COPY, then you can save your own version to play around with.

Slides from the presentation are here.

Want to know more about being a Landlord in Ontario?  Lawyer Mark Weisleder wrote an excellent guide, and you can read the Residential Tenancies Act here.  SO many real estate agents and Landlords have never even read the RTA.

Feeling overwhelmed with choice?  Barry Schwartz says this is the Paradox of Choice.  Remain focused and don’t spread yourself too thin.  Find a formula that works, and keep going with it.

Martial arts trainers will tell you that it’s not about 1000 different kicks practiced once each.  It’s the same kick practiced 1000 times that leads to mastery.

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Investor Class Recording – May 2023 – Real estate sales in Georgetown
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