Introducing Candy Ashdown | David Smith Homes – Discover Your Dream Home in White Rock’s Coastal Paradise!

Introducing Candy Ashdown David Smith Homes Discover Your

Introducing Candy Ashdown | David Smith Homes – Discover Your Dream Home in White Rock’s Coastal Paradise!

We’re very excited to announce Candy Ashdown joining the David Smith Homes Group as a Licensed Realtor and our Licensed Client Experience Specialist. Candy’s been on the team for a couple of weeks already and has been a huge asset to our clients already. She truly understands our ‘People Over Property, Always.’ philosophy. To learn more about Candy please visit the ‘Meet Candy Ashdown’ page on the website and enjoy the below quick interview: 

– What do you like most about working in real estate?

Candy: I most of all love all of the wonderful clients I’ve met and had the privilege to work with over the years. Many who I’ve remained in contact with and have become great friends. It’s an absolute honour to me when my clients choose to work with me and I truly feel so fortunate to do the work that I do. I love being a Realtor®.

– What’s been your funniest experience so far with a client or other agent? 

Candy: One of the funniest experiences I had was when I had an open house for a tenanted property I had listed. The tenant decided to stay home, which was his right, however he had a nap on the couch and was snoring very loudly during the open house!

– When you think about joining the team, what most excites you?

Candy: I’ve been a solo agent for all of my career until now. What excites me most about being on a team is the collaboration between team members to bring all of our different experience and strengths together collectively, which will in turn better serve our clients. I love being on a team and supporting each other to push ourselves to be even better agents. We have someone to lean on during the hard days and someone to celebrate with on the good days. I also love that I always have a backup agent to count on if an emergency or illness ever happened, so I will never let down my clients.

– Where are clients most likely to see you out-and-about in the community?

Candy: If I’m not working, I am either attending a community event either in my role as Board of Education Trustee or just as a resident, or…  my clients will find me at one of my favourite gardening stores. I love gardening – both flowers and veggies!

– What’s something unusual about yourself people are often surprised to find out? 

Candy: Honouring my Ukrainian roots, I was a Ukrainian dancer for over 20 years as child and young adult. I also taught as a Ukrainian dance instructor for several years!


Introducing Candy Ashdown | David Smith Homes – Real estate sales in White Rock

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