FURNISH ROOM 4 RENT CLOSE TO HOSPITALS & UNIVERSITY ON BUS ROUTE | Room Rentals & Roommates | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton


FURNISH ROOM 4 RENT CLOSE TO HOSPITALS & UNIVERSITY ON BUS ROUTE | Room Rentals & Roommates | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton

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I have a furnish room for rent which is available Sept. 1st, The room will come with a queen size bed, sheets, comforter, pillows & pillow cases, It also comes with dresser, armoire, 2 nite tables with lamps & a mini fridge. There is free parking for one vehicle in driveway and hi-speed wifi is also included. The house has a newly renovated bathroom with new tub and surround installed last summer. The kitchen is fully stocked with plates, bowls, pots & pans & cutlery. Also in the kitchen is a free use of washer & dryer. The house is conveniently located in the downtown area 2 blocks from Main street and walking distance to Champlain Mall & Superstore. Other tenants are quiet & respectful. This room is perfect for a single working person or a student. If interested in viewing either email, text or call 506-232-9865. Other pictures of room to follow.

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FURNISH ROOM 4 RENT CLOSE TO HOSPITALS & UNIVERSITY ON BUS ROUTE | Room Rentals & Roommates | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton

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FURNISH ROOM 4 RENT CLOSE TO HOSPITALS & UNIVERSITY ON BUS ROUTE | Room Rentals & Roommates | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton

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