Fully Furnished Room $500.00/month Diamond Valley – Utls/Int Inc | Room Rentals & Roommates | Calgary – Real estate sales in Calgary (Black Diamond)

Fully Furnished Room 50000month Diamond Valley UtlsInt Inc

Fully Furnished Room $500.00/month Diamond Valley – Utls/Int Inc | Room Rentals & Roommates | Calgary – Real estate sales in Calgary (Black Diamond)

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Fully furnished room in Black Diamond (10-minute drive west of Okotoks), shopping/groceries all within walking distance…

Rent is either in $140.00/week instalments or $500.00/month if paid in lump sum on or before the 1st of each month, security deposit required…

Looking for a clean, responsible roommate who likes people and is easy to live with, must be employed, no drugs/no alcohol, must have a government-issued photo ID (1 month minimum/security deposit required)…

Send me a text message if this sounds like you…

Text 403-690-6445

Fully Furnished Room $500.00/month Diamond Valley – Utls/Int Inc | Room Rentals & Roommates | Calgary – Real estate sales in Calgary (Black Diamond)

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