Fully furnished accommodation is for rent at Kitchener! | Room Rentals & Roommates | Kitchener / Waterloo – Unlock Your Dream Home in Kitchener!

Fully furnished accommodation is for rent at Kitchener Room

Fully furnished accommodation is for rent at Kitchener! | Room Rentals & Roommates | Kitchener / Waterloo – Unlock Your Dream Home in Kitchener!

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Private Basement for rent – Benesfort Crescent, Kitchener, ON!

Key Features:
-Fully furnished.
-1 Bedroom.
-1 kitchen.
-1 hall.
-1 washroom.

-Conestoga College Kitchener Downtown: 19min.
-Conestoga College Waterloo Campus: 33min.
Bus stop:250m.

One space is available for a girl.
Available now! Contact [+1 (548) 484-5554].

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Fully furnished accommodation is for rent at Kitchener! | Room Rentals & Roommates | Kitchener / Waterloo – Real estate sales in Kitchener

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