Finch/Victoria Park 2BR nice Basement for rent, Sep 1st | Long Term Rentals | City of Toronto – Your Home in Victoria, Seize the Opportunity!

FinchVictoria Park 2BR nice Basement for rent Sep 1st

Finch/Victoria Park 2BR nice Basement for rent, Sep 1st | Long Term Rentals | City of Toronto – Your Home in Victoria, Seize the Opportunity!

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* Large nice basement with 2 bedrooms
* 2 min walk to TTC Bus Stop
* 3 min drive to 404/401 highway
* Located close to primary/High school. Convenient location. peace, safe neighborhood
* close to Seneca College
* Shared laundry
* Includes Fridge and Stove/Oven
* brand new full Kitchen with lots of cabinets
* Living/dining room
* full Washroom with ceramic tiles decorated thoroughly
* Super high ceiling
* Separate Entrance
* Tenants pay 40% utilities
* Lots of natural light
* Clean and spacious
* 1 parking spot available

**No Pets/Smoking Inside**
**Major Intersection Finch Ave and Victoria Park Ave**
**References Required**
**Job letter and income proof required**
**Good credit required**
Call/text 4-1-6-7-2-8-8-3-9-6
** when text me, Please include your background information, how many people and cars? what do you do? family or friends? etc.

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Finch/Victoria Park 2BR nice Basement for rent, Sep 1st | Long Term Rentals | City of Toronto – Real estate sales in Victoria

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