Country living with character to spare! Located on 215 acres | Houses for Sale | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton (Memramcook)

Country living with character to spare Located on 215 acres

Country living with character to spare! Located on 215 acres | Houses for Sale | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton (Memramcook)

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657 ch Royal Rd, Memramcook, NB
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This family estate home is located on 215 acres of land with brilliant west facing views of the picturesque Memramcook Valley. The acreage close to the house is fenced for horses, the front garden boasts an 20′ x 20′ aggregate concrete dance floor surrounded by a large sandstone patio area.
As one enters from the Sunroom into the main foyer, one notes the natural oak winding staircase with two landings and open reception area. The main floor with 9 foot ceilings and large windows, features a library, music room/dining room, formal sitting room and a spacious dream kitchen for entertaining. Off the kitchen one finds the entrance to the rear patio and the downstairs bathroom/ laundry room. The home gym is found in the finished portion of the basement. The second storey can be accessed through the main staircase or the rear servant’s stairway off the kitchen. There you will find three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms. The finished attic features three large rooms used as a bedroom, storage and craft room. Two large opening Velux skylights allow for natural lighting and air circulation in the attic. The house has an enclosed dog run with it’s own large shelter.
This property is ideal for those seeking a turn of the Century home with the potential for a hobby farm and for further land development.

Country living with character to spare! Located on 215 acres | Houses for Sale | Moncton – Real estate sales in Moncton (Memramcook)

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