Bridging the Cultural Gap With Tina Mak – Sell your property in beautiful Bradford, Ontario. Fulfill your dreams of the perfect home today!

Heritage and Growth Sell your property in beautiful Bradford

Bridging the Cultural Gap With Tina Mak – Sell your property in beautiful Bradford, Ontario. Fulfill your dreams of the perfect home today!

Tina Mak, the Founding President of Areaa Vancouver, was born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in England. Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, she started her real estate career in 1992 after immigrating to Vancouver in 1991. Since 1992, Ms. Mak’s professionalism has put her in the Top 5 % in the Vancouver real estate industry. Coming from a business family in Hong Kong, one of the highest energy, competitive and efficient cities in the world, she learned complex negotiation skills when working with different types of Asians. Ms. Mak is known for her high energy, efficiency, strong observation and bulldog style negotiation skills. ”People before Profit”, Ms. Mak always puts herself in her client’s shoes. Her business philosophy is to build relationships and trust. She believes these are the only ingredients to build a strong, long-lasting repeat and referral business. Her passion, honesty, integrity, experience and knowledge for real estate has earned her clients loyalty for almost 3 decades. She is currently increasingly working with the second generation. Ms. Mak’s love of life, sense of humour, outgoing, positive, optimistic and people person personality wins her a wide range of clientele, including Middle Eastern, European, N. American and of course Chinese, as well as wide age range from age 18 to 90. Working with clients from different age group and ethnic backgrounds allows her to learn the insights and idiosyncrasies of each culture and generation. A gateway to Pacific Rim economies, Vancouver’s metropolitan ambiance made it a no-brainer to work with international clients.

Since 2007, Ms. Mak has also hosted her own weekly radio real estate show targeting the Chinese community on AM1320 CHMB, one of the two major radio stations in British Columbia. ONLY THE BEST TALK TO TINA MAK – Tina interview global real estate leaders from Canada, US, China, Hong Kong, India, UK, Australia, Thailand, Japan & France.

Ms. Mak is a firm believer in continuing education and training. Through her radio show broadcasts, social media, weekly blogging, podcasts, videocasts, Ms. Mak loves to share the knowledge with her clients, as well as her colleagues, on a wide range of topic from local, national and global real estate experts. This has led her become a sought after speaker presenting across the North America, HK and China for organizations and events such as Asian Real Estate Association of America, Coldwell Banker, Inman News, China Real Estate Association (CREA) & China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Agents (CIREA) . Ms Mak was named Inman News, 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders in 2012/2013. (中英網站)

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Bridging the Cultural Gap With Tina Mak – Real estate sales in Bradford

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