ASK A RE/MAX AGENT! “HOW DO I SET AN ASKING PRICE FOR MY HOME?” & MORE. – Discover the perfect homes for sale in scenic Penticton, BC’s charming gem.


ASK A RE/MAX AGENT! “HOW DO I SET AN ASKING PRICE FOR MY HOME?” & MORE. – Discover the perfect homes for sale in scenic Penticton, BC’s charming gem.

“I would recommend hiring a real estate agent early in the process of selling a home. Hiring a REALTOR® months in advance will often help put sellers in the best position to sell and maximize their return. First, it’s important to analyze market conditions and strategize on when the best time to hit the market will be. Many variables are at play here and a few include seasonality of the market, inventory and competition projections, interest rate projections, and how that effects a buyer’s buying power. And in many cases, track the school year cycle because that may affect when buyers want to buy and move. Second, it’s incredibly important to take the time to prepare your home to hit the market. A rushed approach can often leave money on the table for sellers. I personally push sellers to meet months in advance so we can analyze what type of cost-effective improvements can be done to maximize their return.  In many cases, I will pull in an interior designer or stager to help sellers with improvement ideas, de-cluttering, and de-personalization techniques. Lastly, real estate agents can often recommend trusted vendors to help sellers prepare for hitting the market. Examples include painters, flooring contractors, landscapers, contractors, estate sale companies, and much, much more! With all of the above being said, I would highly recommend sellers hire a REALTOR® a minimum of 3-4 months in advance to put them in the best position to sell.” – Josh May, RE/MAX of Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Michigan


There is no straightforward answer. If you are doing renovation work, then you should contact an agent up to 12 weeks before listing. If minor repairs need to be done and you’ve already begun to declutter your home, then maybe six to eight weeks prior to listing. And if you are confident that you are ready to sell and perhaps in a rush, then one to four weeks.” – Rich Froehlich, RE/MAX Town & Country, Fishkill, New York

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ASK A RE/MAX AGENT! “HOW DO I SET AN ASKING PRICE FOR MY HOME?” & MORE. – Real estate sales in Penticton

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