A Covid Market – Discover the irresistible real estate offerings in enchanting Whitby and fulfill your dreams today!

A Covid Market Discover the irresistible real estate offerings

A Covid Market – Discover the irresistible real estate offerings in enchanting Whitby and fulfill your dreams today!

We have been locked up since March 15th and we have all gone through our own personal struggles. We have seen business shut down, people including friends lose their jobs, parents taking on the new stressful role of teachers, yet during this uncertainty when we think the world is coming to an end, we find a light. People have shown compassion and empathy. Without thinking twice anyone who knew how to sew was making masks for our frontline workers. You walk through the neighborhood to see painted windows, rocks and sidewalks to help lift each others spirits. In a time where we are normally busy rushing kids to the arena, making phone calls, shopping, etc…we were forced to slow down and smell the roses. We have taken up new hobbies, read books, played board games, binged watched shows on Netflix and most likely gained weight being able to access the pantry at anytime throughout the day.

So here we are now, the world is slowly starting to re-open, phase by phase. We need to start thinking about the real world again and what it is going to look like. A common question we get asked is, “What is the real estate market going to look like?”.

Here is what we do know:

  • Our provincial, federal and city governments have our backs.
  • For the most part, Canadian banks showed compassion and grace through the worst weeks of the pandemic.
  • Interest rates are low and will remain low for a while.
  • Durham Region is still an awesome place to live!
  • Home is central to our lives.

Who are the motivated Buyers and Sellers during this time?

  • First time Buyers excited to finally break into the market.
  • People wanting out of condos and looking for their own yard space and privacy.
  • People going through a separation.
  • Essential workers whose lives were not put on hold during this pandemic.
  • Professionals needing to update their work-from-home environment and space.

Who may become motivated in the near future?

  • Investors needing to sell off properties which tenants are in arrears.
  • Sellers who need to sell due to financial / job changes.
  • People looking to create multi-generational dwellings in order to avoid long term care housing.
  • Airbnb owners needing to sell due to new restrictions and costs.
  • People/Investors looking to capitalize on other’s misfortune.

In terms of homes sales and pricing during the pandemic we can see that inventory was low for obvious reasons. If you didn’t have to sell you were encouraged to pause. Anyone’s home that did get listed during April had a shocking success rate in terms of selling quickly! The average sale price of homes during this time did drop, however it wasn’t much. Homes were still being sold for market value and multiple bids were still occurring, most likely due to the low inventory.

In a nut shell, what we would say is this, sellers if your home is presented well and priced properly it will sell. Buyers now is a good time to take advantage of the low interest rates and newly lowered qualifying test. As always if you need some help drop us a line, we’d be happy to help shed some more light on the current market conditions in your area!

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A Covid Market – Real estate sales in Whitby

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