9 Canadian Beaches With Crystal Clear Water To Add To Your Dream Road Trip – Unlock Your Dream Home in Quebec’s Vibrant Real Estate Market!

9 Canadian Beaches With Crystal Clear Water To Add To

9 Canadian Beaches With Crystal Clear Water To Add To Your Dream Road Trip – Unlock Your Dream Home in Quebec’s Vibrant Real Estate Market!

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Summer is in full force and there is still plenty of sunshine left for you to really make the warmer season worthwhile. With Canada being home to so many stunning crystal clear beaches, why not head out on the road trip you’ve always wanted to take and swim in some of the True North’s most remarkable waters?

From beaches across Quebec and Ontario to jaw-dropping sites in Manitoba and Prince Edward Island, here are nine beaches that are totally worth adding to that dream road trip bucket list of yours.

Plage de Saint-Zotique

Where: 105, ave. 81, Saint-Zotique, QC

Why You Need To Go: Located only an hour from Montreal, Place de Saint-Zotique has fine sand and crystal clear water perfect for a summer getaway. The beach has tropical umbrellas, giving it a vacation vibe. In addition to the beach, you’ve got a plethora of activities to choose from including the mega nautical course, splash park, wading pool, watercraft rentals, a playground and loads of hiking trails.

Plage St-Zotique website

Bruce Peninsula

Where: Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

Why You Need To Go: Bruce Peninsula is home to an array of stunning beaches including Sauble Beach, Lion’s Head and of course, Tobermory. The national park is home to dramatic cliffs that rise from the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay. While it’s a lengthy drive from Montreal, this spot is certainly worth road-tripping to for a swim in its turquoise waters.

Bruce Peninsula website

Greenwich Beach

Where: 59 Wild Rose Rd., Greenwich, P.E.I

Why You Need To Go: This secluded beach in Prince Edward Island is a hidden gem that will have you feeling like you’re on your own private island. You’ll first cross a magical floating boardwalk before being met by white sands and gentle waves. The national park is also home to some of the biggest sand dunes in P.E.I, and countless hiking trails to choose from.

Greenwich Beach website

Steep Rock

Where: Steep Rock, Manitoba

Why You Need To Go: This gorgeous beach is only less than a three-hour drive from Winnipeg and offers loads of private beaches and secluded coves. You can swim in the turquoise waters all while exploring caves, cliffs and various rock formations.

Steep Rock Beach website

Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine

Where: Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, QC

Why You Need To Go: Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine offers up over 300 kilometres of beach to enjoy, giving you plenty of space to avoid big crowds if you simply want to relax by the water. While the beach can oftentimes be cold, there are various lagoons and bays that reach much warmer temps that’ll certainly make for a far more enjoyable experience.

Tourisme Îles-de-la-Madeleine website

Parlee Beach

Where: 45 Parlee Beach Rd, Pointe-du-Chêne, NB

Why You Need To Go: This saltwater beach is one that you’ll definitely want to dip your toes in. With stunning waters and soft sands, you can enjoy a day by the water all while enjoying an array of things to do afterward including shopping at the local boutiques and posing with the World’s Largest Lobster sculpture.

Parlee Beach website

Gaff Point

Where: Kingsburg, Nova Scotia

Why You Need To Go: Gaff Point is tucked away in Nova Scotia’s Lunenburg region and offers stunning coastal views and towering cliffs. The beach has beautiful crystal clear water, which you can reach by hiking the Gaff Point Trail from Hirtle’s Beach.

Gaff Point website

Old Woman Bay

Where: Algoma, Ontario

Why You Need To Go: Old Woman Bay is a stunning spot located along the eastern shore of Lake Superior in Ontario. It is part of Lake Superior Provincial Park, known for its rugged cliffs and striking scenery. The area offers hiking trails and opportunities for outdoor activities, making it a must-try destination for nature lovers and explorers alike. According to Northern Ontario Travel, the name Old Woman Bay originates from its rock formation. “Looking towards the horizon, the face of the Old Woman can be seen within the 200-metre standing cliffs to the left.”

Lake Superior Provincial Park website

Murray Beach

Where: 1680 NB-955, Botsford Parish, New Brunswick

Why You Need To Go: Located in the beautiful coastal area of New Brunswick, Murray Beach is known for its picturesque sandy beach, offering visitors a peaceful and scenic environment. The beach is part of Murray Beach Provincial Park, which provides recreational activities and facilities for families and nature enthusiasts to enjoy from swimming, exploring lighthouses and kayaking nearby.

Murray Beach Provincial Park website

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9 Canadian Beaches With Crystal Clear Water To Add To Your Dream Road Trip – Real estate sales in Quebec
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