8 reasons why Halifax, Nova Scotia should be your new home » Nova Scotia Real Estate – Discover the coastal beauty of Bedford, Nova Scotia, and unlock the potential of your dream home.

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8 reasons why Halifax, Nova Scotia should be your new home » Nova Scotia Real Estate – Discover the coastal beauty of Bedford, Nova Scotia, and unlock the potential of your dream home.

Are you considering moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia this year? There is much more to the city than meets the eye. If you want to live a relaxed, enriching and a simple lifestyle then this is definitely the ideal place for you to move. (Contact us for Nova Scotia real estate and Halifax properties for sale)

With a population of 431,479(2019) which is expanding, this city can be a great lifestyle move for you, especially if you are planning to shift base. Let’s read on to find out more about what this amazing city has to offer!

Friendly city

Haligonians- or the residents of Halifax as they are famously known, are super warm and loving. No wonder, it is ranked as one of the friendliest cities in the world. Once you start traveling within the city, you will realize how special the people are and how much they are willing to embrace the new residents. In fact, if you are planning to have kids then the environment around the city is  a great place to start your family.

Experience mild traffic

Have you ever experienced congested traffic in your life? Visit Halifax today. Compared to the other large cities in the country, the traffic in Halifax is pretty easy to maneuver around.  It is a decent sized city with a growing population, so don’t expect everything to be smooth sailing. However, everyday traffic will not really affect your commute time.

Affordable livelihood

Check out our real estate website and you might notice that it may not be as cheap as one thought, but compared to the other cities, it is pretty affordable. Once you shift to this amazing city, your quality of life will drastically improve which translates to the fact that you will be able to enjoy and appreciate the amenities that the city has to offer. The cost of living in Halifax is 12.89% lower than Toronto placing its cost of living 78th out of 363 world cities. So, if you choose to move here, it can be a wise financial decision as well.

Gastronomic paradise

Halifax is experiencing immense growth and cultural explosion. Over the last 5 years, great restaurants and cafés have popped up to the delight of the food lovers. Irrespective of where you are at the town, you can always find a cozy burger joint or a dinner serving fresh meals and exotic dishes that will make you want to come back for more!

Amazing weather

There should be songs written about the weather in Halifax. Honestly, it never gets boring. There are four distinctive seasons here with winter being the longest and a short spring. Due to the coastal location of the city, you won’t find extreme temperature shifts here, however heavy snowfall is uncommon occurrence here. The summers are usually warm and the autumn is long, mild and sunny. Perfect for cooking up delicious fall suppers!

Lower crime rates

If you are looking for a safe place to raise your family, then moving to Halifax can be a smart move. This city is known for the care free downtown streets and friendly people which not only make it great for the tourists but the residents as well. The crime rate is super low and you will hardly find any sketchy neighborhoods around the city.

Top-notch schools

Since you have planned to move to Halifax, you should start thinking about the schools as well. As a matter of fact, Halifax is also considered to be Canada’s smart city. You can also find the largest concentrations of universities and the best educated workforce in the country. You can find two specific school districts in Halifax a) Regional Centre for Education – English School District and the b) Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial – French School District

Wholesome lifestyle

The reason for the growing population in Halifax is the lifestyle which is equally fulfilling and exciting. If you want to explore the city, there are so many options to choose from. From winter recreational activities to the amazing wilderness, hiking trails and even the incredible beaches. And the city itself is a Diaspora of amazing culture that is worth spending your time on.

Halifax is definitely a fantastic place to live in. The great city life balance is exactly that you need, if you are planning to live a slower paced  life. To know more about Halifax Houses for sale and Annapolis valley real estate, contact us.

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8 reasons why Halifax, Nova Scotia should be your new home » Nova Scotia Real Estate – Real estate sales in Bedford

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