5 Best Okotoks Parks: Playgrounds, Parks, & Trails – Real estate sales in Calgary (Strathmore)

5 Best Okotoks Parks Playgrounds Parks amp Trails Real

5 Best Okotoks Parks: Playgrounds, Parks, & Trails – Real estate sales in Calgary (Strathmore)

Nestled in the serene landscapes of the town of Okotoks, Alberta, lie some of the region’s most captivating parks. Offering a respite from the bustling urban life, these green oases beckon visitors with their natural beauty and recreational amenities. From expansive green spaces to enchanting trails, Okotoks’ parks cater to diverse outdoor interests. Whether seeking solitude or exploring outdoor adventures, these parks provide a refreshing escape for all nature enthusiasts—no matter if you’re a local, moving to Okotoks, or passing through. Discover the allure of Okotoks’ finest parks as they showcase the captivating essence of the region’s real estate and highlight the abundant opportunities for a tranquil and active lifestyle.

Bill Robertson Park

Bill Robertson Park in Okotoks used to be named Riverside Park due to its proximity to the Sheep River, but was renamed after longtime community leader Bill Robertson in 2022. The park is on the east side of town, near N. Railway Street and 32 Street E. There are a lot of well-kept grassy areas and sports fields in the park, which is located just outside one of the best master-planned communities in Okotoks: Drake Landing. Okotoks’ extensive network of trails connects to this park for anyone wanting a scenic walk or bike ride along the river.

The park has a baseball diamond and multiple soccer fields for the community to enjoy. Beach volleyball courts are open seasonally from May through October. Regular park hours are from 5:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m. daily. Visitors can find the volleyball courts on the east side of the parking lot, near the outdoor washrooms. There is an inclusive playground on the west side of the parking lot.

Wylie Athletic Park

Wylie Athletic Park is in the north-central part of Okotoks, near the Crystal Ridge neighbourhood. The Okotoks Recreation Centre is just to the north of the park and has two NHL-sized indoor ice rinks, an aquatics centre, a fitness centre, and a gymnasium. The athletic park is near many popular neighbourhoods, including the waterfront homes of Crystal Ridge to the northeast. The park has several paved walking paths, making it easy to reach the various fields.

The athletic park is home to the Okotoks Football Field and the Okotoks Junior High School Track. The skate park beside the rec centre is another beloved amenity, featuring many street skating features, including banks, ledges, rails and more. The skate park is open from 9:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. but can close occasionally due to weather. Protective gear is required, and an adult must accompany kids under 10.

Wylie Athletic Park is also where the biggest water spray park in town is located. So long as temperatures are above 20 degrees Celsius, the park is open seasonally from 10:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. It is next to the skate park, with different play zones for different age groups. Although it is not required, park staff strongly recommend footwear on and off the spray park.

Laudan Park

Laudan Park is located on the west side of Okotoks, off Highway 549. The park is largely undeveloped, but it has a surprising number of things to experience during the wintertime. The park has a baseball field open during the summer months. In Winter 2021, park staffers flooded the area around the ballpark to create a free outdoor skating rink. The parking lot and outdoor washrooms nearby made it the perfect spot.

This park is also an excellent place for a family hike or a jog during the summer months. The Laudan Park Loop is a flat, easy trail that loops around the pond toward a nearby neighbourhood and then back to the parking lot. The trail is 2.4 kilometres long and takes just over 30 minutes to hike. It is a kid-friendly trail, and leashed dogs can accompany their owners. Some wildflowers bloom here during the summer months.

Champion Park

Visitors can drive to the northeast of Okotoks through rolling fields, farmhouses and Okotoks luxury homes to reach Champion Park. This park is a collaborative effort between the Town of Okotoks and the Municipal District of Foothills. Although it is called a "park," the space is only open to the public at select times of the year. It has several rail cars and other features that pay tribute to the railway history in this part of Alberta. The Community Event Calendar is the best place to learn about events at Champion Park.

The 52-acre site was built as an homage to the CPR railway, and visitors can tour a restored CPR railway station. The rail cars that can be viewed include:

1960s-era locomotive

1948 mail-express car

1929 Executive car

Multiple additional types of cars

Okotoks Off Leash Dog Park

The Okotoks Off Leash Dog Park is located in the Drake Landing neighbourhood. This large fenced-in park provides a space for dogs to exercise, play and socialize with other canines and people. The park is open from sunrise to sunset every day. There are few amenities here besides the fenced-in area, and dog owners are advised to bring their own water for their dogs.

All dogs must be on a leash when entering or exiting the park, and they must also have a visible dog license and ID tag. If a dog becomes aggressive, owners must immediately remove or muzzle it. Owners can bring up to three dogs to the park, but Registered Dog Handlers can bring up to six. Food and glass containers are prohibited inside the park, although dog treats are allowed. Owners are also forbidden to play fetch with their pets when other dogs are nearby since this can lead to aggression.

Outstanding Okotoks Parks

The town of Okotoks boasts a remarkable selection of parks that captivate with their natural splendour and recreational possibilities. Spread around the best neighbourhoods in Okotoks, these enchanting green spaces offer an ideal backdrop for those seeking tranquillity and an active outdoor lifestyle. From the old-time railroad ambiance of Champion Park to the invigorating trails of Laudan Park, the harmony between nature and urban living is exemplified in these breathtaking parks, making them a significant draw for those looking to embrace the natural beauty and recreational opportunities Okotoks offers.

5 Best Okotoks Parks: Playgrounds, Parks, & Trails – Real estate sales in Calgary (Strathmore)

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