2965 Dundas St W, Toronto | For Sale @ $3,749,888 – Real estate sales in Toronto

2965 Dundas St W Toronto For Sale @ 3749888

2965 Dundas St W, Toronto | For Sale @ $3,749,888 – Real estate sales in Toronto

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Junction neighborhood at Pacific Ave, this meticulously maintained 1920s Art Deco building offers a rare opportunity. This property exudes character and versatility with five vacant units of distinctive charm, including open-concept lofts and 8 to 14- foot ceilings. Private terrace beckon outdoor living, while the potential for expansion adds value. This prime investment is in Toronto’s hottest district, situated steps from indie shops, High Park, The Stockyard and the subway. Experience the perfect blend of history and modernity in this urban sanctuary. Don’t miss out on this unique gem!

EXTRAS: Upgrades include newer kitchens, washrooms, Individual Hydro and gas meters, Ind furnaces and thermostats, ensuite laundry, intercom, fire and alarm, connected smoke and CO detectors, multiple skylights.

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2965 Dundas St W, Toronto | For Sale @ $3,749,888 – Real estate sales in Toronto

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