2746 Prince Albert Street, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3X4 | R2807274 – Real estate sales in Vancouver (Burnaby)

2746 Prince Albert Street Vancouver BC V5T 3X4 R2807274

2746 Prince Albert Street, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3X4 | R2807274 – Real estate sales in Vancouver (Burnaby)


Come see this 3 Bedroom 1/2 Duplex with its own 1 bedroom +den!mortgage helper! This property sits on the corner of Prince Albert & E12th and is a brand new build. It has an open concept living/dining on the main with a large chefs kitchen, 3 spacious bedrooms on the 2nd floor, and a 1 bedroom + den suite with its own entrance in the bsmt. The home features: radiant floor heating throughout, acrylic cabinets, HRV, HVAC system, tankless boilers, insulated crawlspace, Samsung stainless steel appliance package, fenced yard, quartz countertops, moveable island, security system, zebra blinds and much more. This property is centrally located in the mount pleasant area and close to “little Italy”, Robson Park, Nightingale Elementary, Sir Charles Tipper Secondary, Commercial-Broadway Skytrain.

Upcoming Open Houses

Aug 19 & 20 (24pm)

2746 Prince Albert Street, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3X4 | R2807274 – Real estate sales in Vancouver (Burnaby)

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