#105, 167 Island Highway, View Royal, BC, V9B 1G1 | 943375 – Your Home in Victoria, Seize the Opportunity!

105 167 Island Highway View Royal BC V9B 1G1

#105, 167 Island Highway, View Royal, BC, V9B 1G1 | 943375 – Your Home in Victoria, Seize the Opportunity!


Now Selling!! www.thegrandandfir.com, nature’s next-door neighbour! View Royals newest condo building offers a variety of Jr. 1 bed, 1 bed, 2 bed, & 3-bedroom units starting as low as $399,900 with 40% of the units under 500k and 70% under 600k, there are endless options for all budgets. Portage Park and seconds from Thetis Cove Waterfront, this building is positioned perfectly blending serene greenery with urban convenience. Two modern colour schemes are available with KitchenAid black stainless steel luxury appliances. This eco-friendly building includes heat pumps, nest thermostat with climate control, smart lighting, EV charging capabilities in each parking stall, plus onsite kayaks, e-bikes, & paddle boards for enjoying the surrounding areas to the fullest. Estimated occupancy December 2025-April 2026 with deposits as low as 2.5%!



#105 – 167 Island Highway Brochure

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#105, 167 Island Highway, View Royal, BC, V9B 1G1 | 943375 – Real estate sales in Victoria

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At Estate Dwell, we understand that searching for the perfect property can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve designed a user-friendly platform that allows you to browse through a wide range of real estate listings with ease. Whether you’re looking for an affordable condo in the heart of the city or a spacious bungalow in a serene neighborhood, we’ve got you covered.

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Our website is thoughtfully categorized by provinces, showcasing the unique charm and character of each region. From the picturesque landscapes of Alberta to the coastal beauty of British Columbia, each province has its own distinct offerings. Click on the links below to discover the real estate gems in each province:

  • Alberta (AB): Find your perfect home in Alberta, a province known for its stunning national parks and vibrant cities. Explore Alberta Real Estate
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